Art Advisory

Over 30 years of experience in the artworld for classic and contemporary painting as well as decorative art, gives Manfredi della Gherardesca the deep knowledge and ability to provide professional advice to private and commercial clients.

Our advisory services range from sourcing and purchasing to delivering and installing works of art. With access to a global network of clients, auction houses and art dealers, we can provide great opportunities for first-time buyers as well as experienced collectors.

Interior Design

Our mission is to create colourful, comfortable and personal spaces that are both traditional and innovative. A deep knowledge of Italian art and European interior history is reflected in the unique style of our projects.

We guide and assist our clients from concept to completion aiming to deliver timeless environments.

Exhibition Design

Our experience in exhibition design makes us curatorially knowledgeable as well as sensitive to the clients’ needs.

From art fair stands to temporary art gallery installations, the results are iconic exhibitions that offer a new and unexpected take to the artworks presented.


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