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Manfredi’s unique approach to the world of fine arts and interiors is evident in each design: fine craftmanship and engaging aesthetics are an integral part of his vocabulary. The combination of his skills and over 30 years of experience in the art world give life to bespoke design, tailored to suit each client’s individual taste. 
The team provides an exceptional level of service and attention to detail in every spectrum of the business.
Flexible and adaptable to all new projects and challenges, MDG Fine Arts & Interiors’ team is diverse and distinctive. Professionally trained, they are well-travelled and extremely motivated to deliver an exceptionally high level of performance to our clients.

The Team

Julia Heide

Fine Arts Assistant

With 15 years’ work experience in the world of fine arts, she’s been part of the MDG team for over a decade. An extensive knowledge of the business and its clients, makes Julia the longest member of the team and ‘historical’ memory of MDG.
A designer of accessories herself, her knowledge in fine arts contributes actively both to the advisory and the interior side of the business.

Johanna Endres

Senior Interior Designer

Extensive experience in project management balanced with her unique creative approach are the key ingredients to Johanna’s formula to deliver successful interiors.
A graduate from KLC School of Design, every project she leads reflects a combination of her superior sense of style, sharp attention to detail and her client-centred approach to business quality.

Profile photos: Bernardo Conti


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